How to get Community Posts to more YouTube channels

News is coming for content creators on YouTube. The video platform of Google will cut by just half the number of minimum subscribers required that a YouTube channel must have to make use of Community Posts, thus reaching “millions of more channels.”

From YouTube they invite patience by pointing out that if a channel manages to reach the minimum 500 subscribers, it may take a week for the Community Posts function to appear.

Until now, it was necessary to have at least 1,000 subscribers to use this feature, But as of October 12, which is when the new measure comes into force, it will be necessary to have at least 500 subscribers on the channel.

For those who do not manage to pass the barrier of 500 subscribers, they should not worry either, since From YouTube they work so that this function can also be available in the future for those channels that are below 500 subscribers.

At the moment it is unknown when this could happen.

On the other hand, from YouTube they announce that After October 12th, the Channel Discussion tab will disappear (due to obsolete)Therefore, until the aforementioned date, it will still be available on the page of each channel by accessing it from the desktop version.

The reason is none other than Community Posts is a function designed to replace the Discussion tab and that allows creators to be in contact with their respective audiences, not only with text messages, and can also incorporate animated GIFs, surveys , videos and other content, being accessible also through mobile devices.

This is a measure that seeks that creators of all sizes can interact with their respective audiences, there is a lot of competition in the segment of Internet videos for which even rivals such as TikTok, despite specializing in short videos, is already posing a threat to the almighty YouTube, as we saw a few days ago.

The struggle to retain the creators means that the platforms have to take measures to avoid the displacement towards platforms more favorable to their interests. Without a doubt, we are facing a paradigm shift, where the most veteran of the web have to put the batteries to not be left behind.

Details are available in the support page of the platform.

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