How to participate in the topics of interest through the Twitter Communities

This year is being a very special year for Twitter when it comes to launching a multitude of functions, reaching a rate never seen before on this social platform. At the beginning of the year we learned that Twitter began to develop a series of functions, among which is one called Communities.

Basically the Communities feature, like Facebook groups or subreddits for example, is to allow users to create their thematic spaces where other users of the platform who have similar interests can join to be able to participate.

Thematic conversations will begin to live in the communities

And as has happened with other functions, now it is the turn for the arrival of the Communities, which begin in the testing phase and with full support for both the web and the iOS application, limiting Android users to only view the tweets shared in these communities.

As explained from Twitter, access to available communities will be by invitation, although moderators and administrators of the same will have an unlimited number of invitations, while the members of the same will have five invitations per community that they can distribute.

The tweets of the communities can be seen by any user, even if only those who are part of them will be able to publish and comment, who will be considered members once they accept the invitation to join.

For now, the Communities arrive with a series of tools, which will be expanded over time. Those who want to start creating their own communities will need to apply from the website of Twitter, being those in charge together with other administrators and moderators who choose to ensure compliance with the rules of participation thereof.

It will already be a matter of the deployment, which is being carried out gradually, with a small group of users for the moment, being extended to all accounts, and in the case of the iOS app, it must also be necessary to update the version in order to find the new tab that will allow access to the new function.

There is no doubt that this launch will represent a revolution in the way Twitter is used, thus allowing segmenting thematic conversations by communities, leaving general conversations to the feed principal.

Like the Spaces, interesting thematic communities in which you can participate will still come with time, and if it does not exist, it will always be a good time to create your own.

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