Illegal and unbearable: IAA demonstrators have to go to preventive detention after motorway blockades

After the protest against the IAA Mobility auto show on several highways in the Munich area, at least 13 demonstrators will remain in custody until Sunday evening. According to court spokesman Thomas Lindinger, the Erding District Court took nine of the women and men into preventive detention due to the Bavarian Police Act.

Another four came into custody after an arrest warrant had been issued because they were accused of indictment and serious interference in road traffic, but their identity had not yet been ascertainable, the police said. A fifth protester could be identified, said a police spokesman on Thursday.

The state security is investigating because of the actions. A total of eight demonstrators were released. “Here, too, preventive police measures, such as entry bans for the entire event area of ​​the IAA Mobility 2021, were issued,” said the Munich police.

“Free driving is not a basic right”

On Tuesday morning, activists had posted banners on several highways and some roped down from bridges. Trunk roads therefore had to be temporarily closed. Sometimes long traffic jams formed. The police announced that 26 people involved were being investigated, among other things, for dangerous interference in road traffic and for necessity.

Opponents of the IAA criticized preventive detention as “illegal and unbearable” on the “Aktion Auto Frei” website. Abseiling over highways is not a criminal offense. “Free driving is not a basic right – assemblies are,” they emphasized. (dpa / os)

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