iRobot Roomba J7 + – The first Roomba with object recognition is here

iRobot has presented the new Roomba J7 +, which is equipped with object recognition and can also avoid dog poo.

iRobot Roomba J7 + costs just under 1,000 euros

The former market leader in the field of vacuum robots iRobot has presented a new model with which one obviously wants to catch up with the competition again. The Roomba J7 + is equipped with a function called Genius 3.0 Home Intelligence and can thus avoid obstacles such as cables or pet droppings when navigating. IRobot even goes so far that the POOP (Pet Owner Official Promise) program has been launched. So if a J7 + does drive over a dog poop, iRobot will replace the vacuum robot free of charge.


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The object recognition is called by iRobot “PrecisionVision“. It is also interesting that the J7 + has an LED that illuminates the path of the vacuum robot. This should also help that a vacuum robot with camera navigation gets its problems in the dark.

Image: iRobot

The new Roomba also has a suction station, at least if you buy it as a J7 +. In this configuration it then costs 999.99 euros. According to iRobot, the suction station should have to be emptied every 60 days. Without the suction station, the Roomba J7 costs “only” 749.00 euros. He can now im IRobot online shop and should also be available from other retailers from September 19th.

Image: iRobot

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