Is a PS5 Pro slated for 2023?

According to the latest rumors, Sony is preparing a pro version of its next-gen console for 2023 or 2024.

As we approach slowly but surely the first anniversary of the PS5, the stocks of the latter are still scattered and limited, the console is still subject to the shortage of electronic components. However, it seems that Sony wants to overcome this difficulty and think of the future with a PS5 Pro, allegedly in preparation behind the scenes.

These rumors come straight from the mouth of YouTuber Moore’s Law is Dead who would know sources close to the project. According to him, this PS5 Pro would have a launch window planned for 2023 or 2024 later. In terms of specs, one would expect a console compatible with 8K televisions, such as those of Sony for example, this being the only technical information given by the videographer. Finally, Sony could charge this performance between $ 600 and $ 700.

Nothing has been confirmed by Sony yet

Since it has been on the market, it seems obvious to many players that a PS5 Pro is on the program for Sony and that this could further concretize the generation shift for the manufacturer. However, Sony has not confirmed these rumors, or even the impending existence of a PS5 Pro, so nothing is certain at this time.

In addition, the videographer also speculates that Sony will also have a PS5 Slim in its drawers and that it could be released as early as 2022. However, this supposition has not been supported by any facts and is to be taken with even more. tweezers than rumors on the PS5 Pro. While waiting for an official announcement from Sony, you can still try to get your hands on a classic PS5 thanks to our inventory guide.

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