Is Apple Face ID behind the screen?

There have been some interesting rumors, but not about this year’s iPhone series.


Noccs continues to mock the iPhone family, and the island of sensors on the 13-series phones is expected to be there again this year, just collapsing a bit. Jon Prosser for some time, however, he had heard and heard about inside information that it iPhone 14 will come next year with a typical small self-hole, Ross Young and he writes: Face ID sensors can be connected specifically behind the OLED panel. Specifically it is iPhone 14 Pro and the Pro Max you can get such a solution, plus Touch ID fingerprint unlock built into the complete series screen.

True, the Face ID hidden in the viewer is still under development, so depending on the complications, you may be slipping into 2023 or even giving it up. In any case, Young notes that the 3D face ID is easier to hide behind the panel than the self-timer camera, which can still remain visible. Prosser expects a thicker iPhone 14 series anyway with a titanium alloy body, round buttons and a camera part that stays in the plane of the back cover – the rendering image of which can be seen above.

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