LG has an idea in the world of bendable mobiles

True, he demoed not a phone, but a layer of glass-like screensavers.


If we take it that way, it really is LG G Flex was the first smartphone with a foldable screen, in fact: it got some arc from the start and knew so many tricks that it could be straightened out by settling on it. Let ‘s say it’ s just a one – time party trick left Wing rotatable screen at LG Mobile’s last dinner, but because the brand’s phone division came out, the parent company itself remained a component supplier, such as an Apple partner, and let’s put that info aside for a moment.

The LG G Flex was quite a bit bendable, so it wore pretty much traditional protective glass
The LG G Flex was quite a bit bendable, so it wore pretty much traditional protective glass [+]

The “real bendable window” now demoed is not about a future display, but a scratch-resistant outer protective layer that will in principle be as flexible as a plastic protector, but as tough as glass. Let’s say in principle a With Fold3 its inner panel also casts glass on the outside, yet can be scratched with nails, so the effectiveness of everything will prove in practice.

A Galaxy Z Fold3 5G [+]

In any case, rival LG Chem intends to apply a glass-like layer in a few dozen microns thick on both sides of the PET screen protector, and this will provide more resistant protection for future bendable screen devices.

A LG ígéri: megoldásával elkerülhető a gyűrődésminta
LG promises: by avoiding it, you can avoid the crease pattern

The manufacturer promises that their solution can withstand 200,000 bends and avoids an unpleasant crease pattern on the eyes or touch, which Huawei eliminated quite deftly, turn a Mate X2 its internal screen is quite easy to scratch. The LG protective layer (obviously designed with a suitable panel in place) can withstand the outward closing as well as the inward bending.

User iFold concept
User iFold concept (source: MacRumor)

The manufacturer will start mass production in 2022 and will spin things up to full capacity by 2023, so it may take some time before somewhere a glassy solution of the Koreans emerges. And here comes the picture we targeted earlier: they started mentioning it this year Apple has been betting for 2023, a foldable screen device, and LG as a potential screen supplier. And we would connect that rumor with LG’s tilt-window announcement.

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