Little White Dragon, an autonomous robot designed for children

Xpeng Robotics surprised with the concept of an autonomous robot for children.

Little White Dragon is the name of this future robot that combines intelligence and a series of technologies to accompany the little ones. Or it can become the robotic pet of the family.

An adorable autonomous robot for kids

The Chinese electric car maker wants to convert this robot in the first intelligent vehicle for the little ones.

Leveraging our capabilities in autonomous driving, voice recognition, and smart manufacturing, Xpeng will move into the field of robotics by taking full advantage of the technologies we understand. […] Our first goal is to create a low speed robotic pony for transport

And for this, this robot combines emotional interaction capabilities, intelligent navigation, movement control, among other characteristics, as mentioned in CnevPost.

So it can overcome obstacles in its way and navigate autonomously, thanks to the fact that it has cameras, sensors and a LiDAR to implement this system. It can also recognize objects, and even people, since it has facial and voice recognition.

In addition, it has a design that tries to be fun and friendly for the little ones. As you can see in the image, it is a kind of robot pony or unicorn that transforms into a transport for children. And to make it look more adorable, this robot has a touch screen that allows it to display expressions on its face.

And as you are thinking for children, this robot monitors its own autonomy and automatically goes to the charging station when the battery is about to run out. We can see some of the functions that this robot will perform in the video shared by Xpeng Robotics, showing the potential of this concept.

Xpeng Robotics has not given details on its production plans or how much it estimates each unit of Little White Dragon will cost.

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