Motorola’s solution also charges from three meters

The charger can hold up to four devices, even in the back pocket.


Motorola unveiled its remote wireless charging solution for the first time at this year’s CES, which has now been further developed. The previous device had a range of one meter if there were no obstacles between the device and the charger, but the new system works from a distance of three meters, can charge up to four devices at a time and there are no minor obstacles in its way.


The charger works with 1,600 antennas, covering an angle of up to 100 degrees, so you can have your phone pretty much anywhere within range, whether in a bag or pocket. The charger is in principle able to sense the human body, so the device only receives power when, for example, you are holding it, in your pocket or on your lap. Charging performance has not been discussed yet, but Motorola’s technology certainly seems more efficient than the shorter range. Xioami Air Charge or that Oppo Wireless Air Charging system that covers roughly 20 inches. Not incidentally, Motorola says the technology could hit the market soon.

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