Netflix: horror and wrestling on the program of an interactive film

For Halloween, Netflix is ​​calling on a WWE legend for an interactive film called Escape the Undertaker.

On the platform, horror productions are numerous. After having thrilled his subscribers with his saga Fear Street, the red N is preparing to release a new film of the genre. This time it’s theuniverse du catch which will be explored through an interactive feature film. Baptized Escape the Undertaker, this feature film will star the legendary wrestler Undertaker, whose real name is Mark William Calaway. He will find Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston in front of the camera.

The plot will follow the trio as they tour the mansion of The Undertaker. But the building turns out to be “a haunted house, filled to the brim with supernatural challenges. ” To get out of this mess, the characters can count on a major ally: you. As for Bandersnatch, the course of the plot will be dictated by the player’s choices.

Interactivity at the heart of Netflix projects

After Bandersnatch, You vs Wild and more recently Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Netflix seems to have decided to bet on interactive content to make a profit. It must be said that the platform is not afraid to reinvent itself, while it will launch into the field of video games in the coming months.

“We are more excited than ever with our film and TV series offering and expect a long period of increasing investment in all of our existing content categories, but as we started to develop original programming there is almost ten years old, we think the time has come to learn more about how our members enjoy video games. ”

While waiting to be able to play the first original titles of N Rouge, we will be able to get an idea with Escape the Undertaker since the October 5th on Netflix. It remains to be seen if the result will live up to the expectations of many wrestling fans around the world. The first trailer should give us a little idea.

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