Neumann in the process of VW works council payments: Everything is OK, did not want to offer a target

The former VW HR director Horst Neumann has in the infidelity process defended the salaries and bonuses for senior works councils. The determination of the remuneration was a “meticulous” process in which a lot of effort was put, said Neumann in the Braunschweig regional court. “I know that the opinion of our corporate lawyers was that everything we did was okay,” said Neumann, who was VW HR manager until 2015.

Alongside his successor in office, Karlheinz Blessing, and two other HR managers, the 72-year-old is charged with allegedly overpaid senior works council members. According to the prosecution, they are said to have approved excessive salaries for the workforce representatives. The allegation is breach of trust, from which the company is said to have suffered damage of more than 5 million euros. (Ref. 16 KLs 406 Js 59389/16 (85/19)

“Didn’t want to offer any target”

He never received anything critical, said Neumann on the second day of the negotiations in the Braunschweig town hall. “We also didn’t want to offer a target,” he explained with a view to the affair of 2005 about secret bonuses, bribes and pleasure trips at company expenses. Successor Blessing also defended the payments on Wednesday. Much was also simple mathematics based on fixed numbers. (dpa-AFX / gem)

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