New specification to make the smart home safer

There are now hundreds of smart home devices. From doorbells, lamps and sockets to refrigerators, coffee makers and so on – this is what is known as the Internet of Things (IoT). The European standardization organization ETSI (European Institute for Telecommunications Standards) has now published a new test standard, which is intended to help manufacturers to make their devices verifiably safe.

ETSI – test standard for smart home devices

The standardization body ETSI has the Test specification ETSI TS 103 701 published which on the already existing Norm ETSI EN 303 645 builds up. A standard that establishes the minimum standards for the security of networked devices in the smart home and makes compliance with them verifiable. The new one now describes how conformity can be defined, structured and tested according to the requirements of the safety standard.

However, these standards are not an obligation, but a recommendation to the manufacturer. In this way, manufacturers could develop secure IoT devices right from the start. So at least a minimum of security in today’s world. According to its own information, the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), together with manufacturers, testing institutes and international government organizations, played a key role in the development of the underlying IoT standard and the newly added test specification.

This new test standard could also soon become the basis for the planned national IT security label. Manufacturers have the option of declaring their devices compliant with the standard and applying for a logo for their products from the BSI. This would enable consumers to recognize devices that offer the necessary minimum level of security more quickly.

Nowadays in particular you should pay more attention to IT security in your own home, as you have already had to read about cyber attacks in your own four walls more often.

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