Official the new Power 1, the economic electric that can be rented with Swapfiets

After having it photographed in preview at the Emoving Days in Milan, we can finally officially reveal the new Swapfiets Power 1, the affordable electricity of the rental brand.

If you follow our pages you already know this reality very well: we have Swapfiets tried the Deluxe 7 muscle bike e tested the electric Power 7, models you can rent at Swapfiets month by month at a fixed price. If the Power 7, however, represented a truly “advanced” model, with a lot of autonomy and a monthly price of 75 euros, the Power 1 immediately presents itself as more accessible: it has fewer features but it costs only 49.90 euros per month, a price including mechanical assistance and insurance.

Technically, this new Power 1 weighs 26.6 kg, which is not a small amount but thanks to the electric motor it will seem to be on a much lighter bike. It reaches 25 km / h it can guarantee a range of 60-80 km according to the level of assistance. Level managed by the Shimano E5000 system for e-bikes, including motor and handlebar display. The brakes are drum brakes Rollerbrake in the front and coaster pedal in the back – like all Swapfiets rental bikes.

The aluminum frame is available in two different sizes, 49 cm or 55 cm, and in five captivating colors. The tires are 47mm wide and promise great driving comfort, plus they are puncture resistant. Battery it recharges to 50% in just an hour and a half, while it takes four hours for a full charge.

Compared to the Power 7, the 7-speed gearbox is missing, we have a single speed always supported by electricity, the saddle instead seemed more devoted to comfort and less to sportiness. The handlebar remains “continuous” and not curved as on the Deluxe 7, for greater handling, moreover we find the double security system locks wheel + chain, LED lights and the possibility of mounting a front basket. If you live in Milan, you can switch to the Swapfiets shop in via Lupetta 3 to take a closer look at the new Power 1.

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