Piaggio 1, the new urban electric scooter with up to 85 km of autonomy

The Vespa has certainly changed the history of Piaggio and of design Made in Italy, and in its own way the Vespa Elettrica represented an important step for the company, a new chapter. However, the company has just decided to go further and present the new electric Piaggio 1, cheaper and more accessible.

Created specifically to be versatile and smart in everyday use, the Piaggio 1 arrives on the market full of technology. It activates with the system keyless, the lights are Full LED and the instrumentation is entirely digital and color. Unlike many electric competitors, its saddle pad can accommodate a Full Jet helmet (if desired, there is also some model able to accommodate two of helmets, let’s get on the SEAT Mò eScooter 125), however, its speed is limited to 45 km / h – at least in the Standard variant.

The Piaggio 1 in fact it offers 1.2 kW of power and 55 km of autonomy in ECO mode, 48 km in SPORT. However, there is also a more powerful version, Piaggio 1 Active, with engine from 2 kW, up to 85 km of autonomy in ECO, 66 in SPORT. The standard variant has a 1.4 kWh battery weighing 10 kg, the Active instead a 2.3 kWh battery weighing 15 kg. Accumulators that can be recharged at home in about 6 hours and are ready to withstand up to 800 full charge cycles. Even after 800 cycles, however, Piaggio guarantees a capacity of at least 70%.

There is also an interesting energy recovery system on board CHERRY, thanks to which it is possible to reach 85 km of autonomy on the Piaggio 1 Active. Braking is also ensured by a large 175 mm disc brake with hydraulic control, with the Active version which also equips CBS combined braking. Piaggio 1 costs 2,690 euros, Piaggio 1 Active instead 3,290 euros; will be available as early as September.

If you are looking for more power, there is always there Upgraded electric Vespa that reaches 70 km / h.

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