Road safety tips for taking children to school by car, motorcycle or on foot

One more year comes back to school with all that that entails for mobility. Whether by bicycle, on foot, by motorcycle or by car, we must follow a series of tips to avoid risks in a group as vulnerable as children.

It is not worth parking anywhere and driving in a hurry, because other children and users could be affected by our behaviors. Here are a series of tips for trips to school are safe.

Drive to school


The Royal Automobile Club of Spain (RACE) makes a series of recommendations applicable to any type of travel. Some are too obvious, but still they are conspicuous by their absence from day to day.

  • Drive with caution and respecting traffic signs. It is a very trite saying, but it perfectly sums up the goal: better late than never. Leaving on time helps the journey run smoothly.
  • Do not leave the car lying anywhere. You must park in authorized areas, avoiding double parking, especially in front of pedestrian crossings or in a bus zone.
  • Always take children out on the side of the sidewalk, not the side of the road.

Ride my bike to school


  • Always wear a helmet, both adults and children.
  • The RACE advises avoiding backpacks and other objects that make you lose stability, given the risk of cycling.
  • Do not use headphones or other distracting devices, or take your hands off the handles.
  • Wear a reflective vest, both at night and during the day.
  • If you have to cross a pedestrian crossing, it is mandatory to get off the bicycle, as it is considered a vehicle. Breaking onto the road to cross can pose a serious safety problem, as well as skipping yields, stop signs or traffic lights.
  • Periodically check the condition of the bicycle.

Go to school on a motorcycle


  • Confirm in the technical sheet of the motorcycle that you can take a passenger.
  • In order to be able to ride a motorcycle, the minor must be over 7 years old if he is the son or daughter of the driver, and over 12 years old if he is not the legal guardian.
  • Monitor the child’s posture and that he wears an approved helmet correctly adjusted to his size, just like the driver.
  • Avoid abrupt maneuvers and exercise extreme caution when approaching a school zone.

Walk to school


  • Go early enough not to take risks.
  • Accompany the children, at least during their first journeys.
  • Do not play during the journey, to avoid distractions, and always pay attention to the child.
  • Always cross the crosswalks and marked areas and wait for the car to stop before crossing. Crossing in red is a fine of 200 euros.
  • Children imitate the behaviors of adults, so it is vital that their driver education begins as soon as possible, and if it proceeds in addition to reference figures, it will be internalized more effectively.

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