Snapchat has a new feature so you don’t forget your friends’ birthdays

If you are one of those who never remember their friends’ birthdays, the new Snapchat feature may help you.

Birthdays Mini is the new option that you will find to keep track of your friends’ birthdays in a simple way.

New Snapchat feature to remember birthdays

It is almost impossible for you not to know when your friends or the people you follow on social networks have a birthday, since most platforms have options to make this information visible. And Snapchat also wants to give you an extra help, so that you are not the forgetful of the group when your friends have their birthday, with a new function.

As you see in the image, you will find a list of upcoming birthdays, which will inform you when your friends Snapchat be about to celebrate your special day. This new function will not reveal more information than the birthday, so it will not mention the age or date of birth.

Of course, this dynamic will only work if the user has chosen to display this information on Snapchat. In this list you will see the name of the user and how many days until his birthday. And the options to send a congratulatory message or greeting with special stickers and glasses are also included. This new feature of Snaptchat is now available to all users.

Remember that if you want to set your birthday date in Snapchat you have to click on the toothed wheel from Profile to go to Settings. Then go to the “My Account” section and choose Birthdays. Be careful when writing the date, as you will only have a limited number of changes.

And if you want your friends to know when your birthday is and have all the related options to celebrate with you, you must enable “Birthday Party”. And of course, the only visible data will only be the date of your birthday. So if you want to share how old you are or what year you were born, you will have to tell your friends.

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