The news from Amazon Luna, Amazon’s cloud game streaming service

The return to routine after the holidays is noticeable and quite evident in technology companies, which have started this September quite strongly, as we see and will continue to see over the next few days.

Today we find the strong push that Amazon is giving to Amazon Luna, its game streaming service from the cloud, with important new features to help Amazon Luna find its place in the disputed segment of cloud streaming services.

These are important news that are starting to arrive after almost a year since its launch in the early access phase.

First of all, Amazon Luna now has support for more devices, including Chromebooks, which had previously been blocked, even if you tried to access from any Web navigator.

Continuing with the extension of support to more devices, now begins to have support for more models of Fire tablets from the company itself, now coming to the Fire 7 (2019 version), Fire HD 8 (2018 version), Fire HD 8 (2020 version), Fire HD 10 (2019 version) and Fire HD 10 (2021 version).

Secondly, Amazon Luna launches the «Familia» channel, for which under a subscription of $ 2.99 per month, it allows subscribers access to 35 titles of optimal games for the youngest members of the household., allowing HD playback of most of them on up to two simultaneous devices thanks to their compatibility with local cooperative mode.

And finally, Amazon Luna launches a function whereby through games compatible with local cooperative mode, a user can share a code to another user to play through their own device, although Amazon warns that in his case, the second player will not need to be a Luna subscriber.

It is a function that has been available on Steam for some time, and that even Google Stadia is working on something similar to bring to its platform.

To empower Amazon Luna, Amazon will grant Prime subscribers (for the United States) free access to four games: Resident Evil 7 biohazard Gold Edition, Metro Exodus, Katamari Damacy REROLL and Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, from 9 to 15 of this month.

And on the other hand, Amazon will include the Luna controller with the purchase of the Fire TV Stick 4K Max, the Fire HD 10 tablet, and the Fire HD 8 tablet.

Without a doubt, it seems that Amazon wants to give its platform that push it needs so that it does not fall behind in the face of the advances of rival platforms.

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