this mansion on wheels costs 2 million and can carry a Bugatti Chiron (not included)

In the carvaning world we find all kinds of proposals, from todorreno pocket caravans until luxurious motorhomes how is this superlative Volkner Mobil Performance S that now concerns us and that has been presented at the recently held Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf 2021. It has been the most expensive motorhome shown at this event.

This impressive and huge motorhome just updated, adding new decorations to its opulent interior, as well as more equipment such as a premium stereo that costs more than a Lamborghini Huracán.

And speaking of supercars, in its lower area it has a garage where there is room for a Bugatti Chiron. Already put, the perfect complement for this Performance S whose price is 2.03 million euros.

A rolling suite and all the luxury

Volkner Mobil Performance S: the 2.03 million euro luxury motorhome

The Performance S is he chief from the Performance line of the German manufacturer Volkner Mobil, which can be based on a Mercedes-Benz or Volvo chassis. Measure 12 meters long, 2.50 meters wide and 3.85 meters high, being its habitable area of 30 m² and distributed in three rooms. It is quite a mass, yes, because it weighs 18 tons.

What’s more, its side can be extended thanks to an electronic system of mobile panels adding other 50 cm extra to its width, then reaching three meters and increasing its cabin to 35 m².

It is divided into three common rooms: dining room-living room-kitchen, which is the largest and includes a huge U-shaped sofa, a toilet and a bedroom, equipped with a huge king-side bed. All this with furniture made by hand and covered with Brilliant Black veneer.

The kitchen is equipped with an induction hob, oven, microwave, full-size refrigerator, dishwasher, or double sink. In addition to a module that hides an espresso machine rises above the countertop and where you can store a complete set of coffee.

Volkner Mobil Performance S: the 2.03 million euro luxury motorhome

For its part, the bathroom has a ceramic sink, various furniture and a rain shower. And the main novelty is that it now equips a Burmester audio system whose price is 300.000 euros.

There is also no lack of heating, with up to four systems feeding it, a 1,000-liter drinking water tank, a 680-liter wastewater tank and a 450-liter retention tank.

Volkner Mobil Performance S: the 2.03 million euro luxury motorhome

The electrical system is powered by a battery that, in addition to being plugged into the current, can take energy from its six solar panels equipped on the roof and that can provide up to 1,830 watts based on the sun’s rays.

As for the “garage” in which a Bugatti Chiron fits, but also for example a Porsche 911 or a Mercedes-Benz C-Class or up to three motorcycles, it is a compartment equipped with a electrohydraulic platform at the bottom, which allows the car to be extracted comfortably.

Volkner Mobil Performance S: the 2.03 million euro luxury motorhome

Although you can also choose to leave the car outside and turn this platform into a mobile terrace, equipping it with outdoor chairs and tables: if it rains, it is as simple as saving it at the touch of a button.

The Performance S is equipped with a thruster of either 460 CV O well 430 CV (depending on whether the chosen base is Volvo or Mercedes-Benz) and enjoys, among others, automatic transmission and air suspension to comfortably face long trips on the asphalt. A whole palace on wheels.

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