This unicorn robot for kids is as creepy as it is awesome

The unicorn robot from Chinese start-up XPeng may represent the future of children’s toys.

Unicorns are in cartoons. Robots are science fiction. However, a Chinese start-up aims to break the codes and link these two entities into one. XPeng – which usually makes electric cars – just unveiled the Little White Dragon. This is a robotic unicorn intended for children. This evolved toy should be able to serve as a metal steed for your cherub. Is he able to move independently, avoid obstacles, recognize objects, and understand… your emotions?

A robot with empathy?

The most interesting thing about this Little White Dragon is his ability to interpret human emotions. In the video published by the Chinese company, it is said that the robot is able to interpret the body language of its owner and react to it in an appropriate way.

If this technology seems promising, XPeng intends to make it evolve beyond this astonishing concept of unicorn robot. The firm hopes to use this technology in order to develop a real ecosystem of connected robots, and in particular to improve its work in autonomous driving.

Unfortunately, this is only a concept. XPeng does not mention the price or the release date of its robot. There is no doubt that given its target – children – the object should rather compete with products like Sony’s Aibo rather than the impressive robot-dog from Boston Dynamics, the Spot, which in turn sold for nearly $ 75,000.

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