Thousands of fake droppings to train cleaning robots

Today iRobot announced that its new cleaning robot is capable of identifying various poop from various animals, to prevent it from squashing it and spreading it all over the floor while the owners are away.

That announcement is nothing new, we already saw it in other models, such as Roborock S6 MaxV, but from iRobot they believe that nothing is as advanced as their robot, trained with thousands of false poops to identify excrement.

Roomba is one of the premium manufacturers of these devices, and they want to show that their Roomba j7 + is the most advanced in the use of artificial vision and artificial intelligence to identify excrement.

They say they have been working with the issue for many years, creating a large database of pet waste (they say false) to train their artificial intelligence vision systems. They have made thousands of models of poop with Play-Doh and have trained the robots with different types of lighting, so they believe that no other robot in the competition will be able to beat them at this point.

They have also announced the update of their iRobot Genius software to version 3.0, a free update that offers a ‘quiet driving’ mode, cleaning time estimates, better mapping and a ‘Clean while I’m away’ feature, something you will do when detect that the mobile has left the house.

The Roomba j7 + also recognizes and avoids socks, shoes and headphones thanks to its artificial vision system. They will notify the owner when they find it and ask if it is a temporary or permanent fixture.

Price-wise, it costs $ 849 with a base station that stores up to 60 days of dirt.

At the moment it will only be available in the US and Canada.

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