Venta AirSense – New indoor climate

The Venta company today presented the new Venta AirSense indoor climate and air quality meter.

Venta AirSense PRO and AirSense ECO

The German company specializes in the manufacture of air washers and also includes smart devices in its range. For example, the air purifiers in the Aerostyle and Professional series can be controlled via an app and can also be operated with voice assistants.

These air washers are now being expanded to include the new AirSense air quality meter. This is available in two versions, one with the addition PRO and one as AirSense ECO. The AirSense devices monitor and analyze the components of the air, the room climate and the environmental influences in real time. Up to eight sensors are used here.

Image: Venta

The Venta AirSense ECO has a temperature sensor, a humidity sensor and a sensor for VOC gases. The AirSense PRO also has a sensor for formaldehyde, a CO2 sensor and sensors for fine dust in three sizes. The dimensions of an AirSense are 207 x 84 x 28 mm.

The Venta AirSense are small devices with a big effect. For our customers, this means clear information about the room air, which everyone can then directly influence with the help of our Venta devices. For us at Venta it means a further step towards a full service provider. As room air experts, we now offer the opportunity to integrate our over 40 years of experience with room air into every smart home.

Andreas Wahlich, CEO of Venta

The AirSense devices deliver the measured values ​​to the Venta Home app and can be viewed there by the user. In addition, the LED strip of the air quality meter changes depending on the quality of the room air. The smart air washer can also react directly to the measured values. The AirSense PRO costs 279.00 euros and the ECO version is 99.90 euros. Both devices will be available at the end of October.

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