Which GPS tracker to buy? The best of 2021 for cars and motorcycles

Have you just bought a car (like a motorcycle, a boat …,), or are about to do so, and you are thinking about installing a GPS tracker to help you find your vehicle in case of theft? Let’s go and find out right away the best of the moment to buy on Amazon, but not only. It may seem superfluous but it is best to remember: GPS trackers are intended for personal use, must be installed on board your vehicle for the purpose of combating theft, any other use involving other people (locators installed without permission on vehicles used by third parties) it is considered illegal in Italy, so be very careful.

Winnes TK905 GPS locator

Let’s start with the Winnes TK905, often considered unanimously as the best in its field based on its quality / price ratio. It costs at the time of writing 52.98 euros on Amazon Italy and a coupon with 5% discount.

Its 5,000 mAh battery guarantees use for 90 consecutive days and the charge level can be checked via the app. It sticks thanks to a powerful magnet and is capable of send alarm notifications to the phone in case of problems. It provides an accurate GPS position in real time and has a history of positions for up to 90 days. What you need to use it to the maximum is to insert a network SIM.

Vodafone curves

Speaking of SIM: it has been a few years now that Vodafone has been offering IoT devices capable of communicating with the world thanks to the cellular network and among these is the iconic Curve (if desired, there is also the Curve Bike Light & GPS Track per biciclette), a GPS smart tracker that can be purchased in both Vodafone and on Amazon at a cost of 42.52 euros – available in both gray and black colors. In the package there is a Vodafone Smart SIM which, however, requires a connectivity service that costs 3 euros per month.

Compared to the TK905, the battery of the Curve can reach a maximum of 7 days, with autonomy and functionality that obviously depend on the coverage of the Vodafone network, however the best network in our country according to Altroconsumo data. In addition to real-time tracking it is also possible determine areas not to be crossed; otherwise we are immediately notified on the smartphone. It can be an excellent solution for those who do not want to spend too much time configuring a similar device, since it arrives already set up for use on the Vodafone network. Also can be used for track many other personal items.

APJ GPS Allround Finder 2020 Locator

Among Amazon’s most popular devices we also find the APJ GPS Allround Finder 2020, that at the price of 49.99 euros on Amazon Italy offers a SIM always connected, more compact dimensions than in the past, a battery that lasts up to 20 days (60 in stand-by), with the obvious possibility of receiving notifications on smartphones in the event of an anomaly. Of course, a subscription is required for the connection to work: it costs about 5 euros per month, about 14 euros for the three months and just over 50 euros for the whole year.

The company it also promises the support of an always available Customer Center for any clarification or problem. It weighs 130 grams and is sold with a rather rich package: in addition to the device we have in fact a charging cable and an adapter for USB wall charging, an M2M SIM card already installed and a protective case. Tracking in real time can obviously take place via the app, with notifications that can also arrive via email.

Amazon’s choice: the Salind 11

The Salind 11 has been awarded the Amazon’s Choice badge and represents a rather economical solution: on Amazon Italy it costs just 29.99 euros. With this amount you take home (or rather, in the car) a locator with SIM card included and battery that can last up to 40 days.

Quickly attaches via magnet, real-time notifications can then be created according to different needs, we think of low battery, excess speed or upon detection of vibrations. Also in this case, a subscription for connectivity services is obviously required, we are talking about 5.11 euros per month.

The most complete: the Moox FMB920

Finally, we come to talk about a very particular product, which promises to be the non-plus-ultra in this field – at least among consumer devices: the Moox FMB920. Compared to the other products on this list it is a locator that requires the use of three cables to connect to the car, it is therefore meant for permanent localization and is incredibly small, weighs 60 grams and measures 79mm x 43mm x12mm. It locates the vehicle (car, motorcycle, boat) in real time, recognizes strong impacts and driving style, has configurable alarms and notifications, it allows to block the motor or the alarms.

A truly complete solution with a Customer Service in Italian, even if the initial price is felt compared to the competition: 119 euros with one year of connectivity included. Subsequently, the service costs 49.90 euros each year (with a discount of 10 euros per year with the activation of the automatic renewal). 119 euros is a promotional price valid until 30 September 2021, both on Amazon Italy than on Moox official website, then it will cost 169 euros.

If, on the other hand, you have the patience to wait for November 2021, the new Moox FMB002 is coming, even more compact and with a simpler installation (just connect the OBDII cable), ideal for those who change vehicles often. The icing on the cake, even by purchasing on the official Moox website with free shipping, you have the possibility to return the product within 30 days and receive a full refund if you change your mind.

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