Whoop releases new fitness tracker with integration into clothing

The manufacturer Whoop is redesigning its fitness tracker Whoop Strap and is bringing a wearable onto the market with the new model that can also be integrated into clothing.

Whoop Strap 4 – fitness tracker and clothing that can be integrated

With the Whoop Strap 4, the fitness tracker comes onto the market in an improved form. In addition to improved sensor configuration, in which the ratio of green and infrared light has been optimized with five LEDs and four photodiodes, the algorithms have also been adapted to achieve better accuracy. In addition, the fitness tracker now also offers the measurement of blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) and skin temperature. The new Sleep Coach function sends notifications to the user when he has achieved optimal recovery. For this, sleep and wake up times can also be individually adjusted.

The wearer can view the history of their health data such as heart rate, skin temperature or blood oxygen content in the new health monitor and create a PDF with the data, which they can then take with them to doctors or trainers.

Something has also changed in terms of size, because the new wearable is 33 percent smaller than its predecessor. The battery life is specified by the manufacturer as five days.

Data such as sleep, recovery and training are recorded and visualized in the app. The focus of the whoop strip is rather on the sporting activity and the evaluation of the performance of the wearer. A subscription, which also includes the hardware, is required to use it. It starts at € 18 per month and current Whoop members get a free upgrade.

Whoop Body integrates the Whoop Strip

In addition, the manufacturer will bring a new collection of clothing onto the market, in which the whoop strip can be integrated using a small bag. This makes the gadget independent of bracelets and can record the data from different parts of the body. The Whoop Stripe automatically recognizes where it is being worn.

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There will be two collections. Whoop Body includes training clothing consisting of compression clothing in the form of sports bras, shirts, leggings, shorts and arm sleeves. The second row is an underwear collection with loose underwear such as bras and boxer shorts.

Nothing is currently known about prices and availability in Germany.

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