why it is an increasingly present trend of the future

Today September 9 is the International Electric Vehicle Day and it is increasingly ingrained in society. Manufacturers are setting the trend for the future – increasingly present – developing new vehicles with this engine, you just have to see what is presented in the Munich Motor Show last week.

The offer is increasing, but they are still expensive and the aid is insufficient


There are many countries where the electric vehicle does not stop growing. In Norway it already occupies a market share of almost 80% and in Germany touching 60%.

But there are still countries where it is not so deeply rooted, for example in Spain it occupies only the 2% of the entire market. Perhaps the quality of life and salaries cannot be comparable in different countries, but there are always options.

In addition to this, one of the biggest major drawbacks may be the lack of loading stations to be able to recharge the electric car.

To this day, in Spain, only there are 7,407 points, being 3.3% of the European total, which makes it an essential factor that should be promoted to make the electric vehicle more attractive at the national level.

It is true that this mobility has several problems to convince 100% of society. By continuing in Spain, another obstacle may be the electricity rate, that does not stop uploading, and that makes many users do not invest in an electric for trying to save on your bill.

Also, there is the price. An electric car can be somewhat more expensive than a combustion one and not everyone has, wants or can afford to make that expense to buy a car with these characteristics.


Although there is always economic options for the one who wants an electric car without the need for a large investment, as well as subsidies –plan MOVES– that help to make the purchase.

What is clear is, the supply of electric vehicles in the world is growing And at some point that price will standardize and it will be more affordable to buy one.

And, there are definitely certain drawbacks to owning an electric vehicle, but it is clear that the trend is this type of motorization. And it is more and more present.

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