With Start, Microsoft wants to reinvent its news feed thanks to AI

After experimenting on the issue for a long time, the Redmond firm will offer a full rebranding to Microsoft News; the news feed now becomes an intelligent news aggregator called Start.

Last April, Windows users noticed the appearance of a new “News and Interests” widget in the Windows taskbar; it is undergoing a major rebranding, with the arrival of the new service called Start.

This platform is intended to replace the personalized news service Microsoft News. She has even invited herself to the Windows 10 taskbar, discreetly; if you click on any of the news items in the widget, you will likely be taken to a page marked “Microsoft Start”. This newsfeed is also accessible from any web browser, or as an app from your favorite mobile device.

AI at the service of personalized content

In its press release, Microsoft unveils a system based on artificial intelligence and “coupled with human moderation”; its objective is to select the most relevant news according to the Internet user’s centers of interest, from over a thousand newspapers, websites, and other referenced media. Like its Google News counterpart, the machine learning algorithm will be directly fueled by user choices. The selection should thus become finer and finer as the user indicates the articles which satisfied him.

This data will not be kept on the device, but across your Microsoft account, allowing the app to be used on different devices together. You should therefore find much the same articles whether you consult Start from your smartphone or your PC.

As was already the case in the previous widget, there are also cards that provide other information; Here you will find, for example, the weather forecast, the price of your favorite stocks, or the traffic in your geographical area. adequate service; It’s a safe bet that no one is missing Bing News and others.

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