“Xavier” robots ensure good behavior in Singapore

In Singapore, two robots are supposed to ensure that people behave well and adhere to rules and laws.

Robots used as patrol officers in Singapore

Anyone who is currently traveling in Singapore could easily look astonished when a robot approaches them about parking incorrectly.

“Xavier” – as the robots are called – are equipped with cameras. They should be able to “recognize bad social behavior such as smoking outside of smoking areas, wrong parking or violations of the COVID-19 rules and warn them, according to Home Teams Science and Technology Agency (HTX) in a message.

Xavier is already doing the first laps in the center of Singapore, around the Toa Payoh Central area. The robots are each equipped with four wheels for locomotion. The cameras allow a 360 degree view. In addition, the robots use additional sensors such as lidar to recognize their surroundings and to be able to move safely through pedestrians and traffic in Singapore.

The videos recorded by Xavier are transmitted in real time to an analysis system, which then evaluates the images using artificial intelligence (AI). If the system detects a violation, it reports this to a monitoring center, where an employee can take care of the matter and warn the offender of the offense himself or with pre-prepared speech passages via the robot. In addition, the person receives a message about his misconduct via a display.

The aim of the use of robots is that they should relieve patrol officers on their tours in the future and thus reduce the use of personnel. The three-week test phase has already started.

The city-state is one of the safest countries in the world and ranks third behind Copenhagen and Toronto in the “Safe Cities Index 2021”. Anyone who has ever been to Singapore may also know why, because surveillance cameras are installed everywhere and the number of cameras is to more than double by 2030. According to Kasiviswanathan Shanmugam, the interior minister of Singapore, it will then be 200,000 cameras.

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