Chip shortage: VW group sales also decline in August

The Volkswagen Group also suffered significant losses in sales of its cars in August. Worldwide, the Wolfsburg-based company delivered 616,500 vehicles in the entire group, 22.3 percent less than in the same month last year, as the company announced on Friday. After the first eight months of the year, however, there is still an increase of 13.3 percent to 6.32 million vehicles. Last year, the corona pandemic caused significant declines, especially in the spring with the lockdowns.

For a few months now, however, VW’s recovery from the sales kink in the past year has been stalling. In the most important single market of China, VW got rid of 238,200 vehicles last month, a third less than a year ago. Above all, the shortage of deliveries with semiconductors is currently a problem in the People’s Republic because in many Asian countries, due to high Covid numbers, the authorities have closed plants at the chip suppliers in recent months. But also in the core market of Western Europe, sales were around a sixth below the previous year’s figure. In Germany last year, the temporarily lower value added tax from July onwards resulted in higher sales.

No minus for trucks and luxury brands

With the exception of the truck brands Scania and MAN and the small luxury brands Bentley, Lamborghini and Bugatti taken together, all of the Group’s brands saw some severe declines. The core brand VW Pkw sold almost a quarter fewer cars, Audi delivered a fifth fewer. The sports car manufacturer Porsche was also able to sell almost a fifth fewer cars. Only the Spaniards from Seat were able to almost match the previous year’s sales result. (dpa / swi)

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