Dynamic scenes: Philips Hue is working on these improvements

Just under a week ago, Philips Hue got the dynamic scenes started. In the current version of the Hue app, you only have to select a scene from the Hue light scene gallery to make a play button visible, with which the dynamic scene can be started.

So far, however, the change between the different colors has been so slow that some users even think that the dynamic scenes would even be not working correctly. However, with one of the upcoming updates, Philips Hue will make it possible to adjust the speed.

“We didn’t choose the standard so that it was like a disco. But in the near future you will be able to stop that too, if you want, ”reveals Hue inventor George Yianni. In addition to the free adjustment of the speed, there is another construction site related to the dynamic scenes: soon the feature should also work with self-created scenes.

“Your own scenes even come first, the speed adjustment comes shortly after,” says George Yianni, who does not want to commit to a specific schedule yet. “All of this will come in the fall, in the next few months. We first have to try out the new functions in the beta test and if everything is good enough, then we roll out the update. “

After that there will be the next construction sites, because in the future it should also be possible to activate the dynamic scenes via automation or by pressing a button on a Hue switch. On the other hand, we definitely have to forego integrating white ambiance light sources into the dynamic scenes: “We tried it, but the effect is far too little seen there. That confused people more than excited them. “

‎Philips Hue
‎Philips Hue

Philips Hue
Philips Hue

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