Facebook and Ray-Ban want to put these smart glasses on your face as early as 2021

A Ray Ban, in partnership with the Facebook, will present its first smart glasses or smartglasses very soon. They will be the first smart glasses from the American manufacturer, although their features are, for now, an unknown.

After the release of the first teaser, confirming the collaboration between the two North American giants, thanks to the leaker Evan Blass (@evleaks) got the first glimpse of the product. Then we have all the images that show us this new gadget.

The first images of smart glasses from Facebook and Ray-Ban

Facebook Ray Ban glasses
The images show us the glasses in two color schemes, black and blue.

The advanced presentation date for this product is the 9th of September, this Thursday, so by the end of the day we have its official disclosure. However, until then we can contemplate the design of the product thanks to the images posted on Twitter.

More specifically, by the hand of the prolific leaker Evan Blass, we have two classic Ray-Ban signature design frames with one detail. There is, above each lens, what appears to be a miniature camera/video lens.

Furthermore, the rod on each side is also thicker, something that can house not only the battery, but also the other electronic components necessary for recording, storage and possible transmission of the video to another terminal.

Ray-Ban Wayfarer classics with a “twist“to Facebook

The images show us two variants, more specifically the Round, more rounded, as well as Meteor. Clearly visible is the Ray-Ban logo and the slight modifications needed to accommodate the electronic components that will make them special.

It should also be noted that the product box, visible in the sequence of images above, denotes the collaboration between Ray-Ban and Facebook. There are also accessories included such as the protective box/bag as well as the charging cable and information material.

The various images leave no doubt as to the overall design and appearance of the product, as well as its name – Ray-Ban Wayfarer. At the same time, the reference to the “Ray-Ban Stories” is also visible, revealing the purpose of this new product.

Smart glasses will be able to record your daily life

Above is Andrew Bosworth’s Twitter post where we can see the scenes from his point of view. Moreover, also the CEO of the Facebook group, Mark Zuckerberg would share similar images and videos, showing his daily life.

Peculiar is the demonstration of an activity, in this case Golf, from Bosworth’s point of view, with both hands occupied. Now, this type of footage is usually taken with a Go Pro-style action camera, or other similar accessory.

This leads us to believe that the purpose of the Ray-Ban Wayfarer is exactly that, to capture the best moments of everyday life. Then I store the recording, or share it directly on social media and related Stories formats.

Intermediate step towards Augmented Reality (AR)

As some Twitter users quickly noticed, these smart glasses can be the intermediate step towards an immersion in Augmented Reality (AR). There is not much information in this regard yet, but we know that Facebook works in this area.

By the way, we recall the partnership between Facebook and EssilorLuxottica that will be developing new concepts and prototypes that explore this new area of ​​technology.

For now, however, we will get to know these new smart glasses from Ray-Ban and the Facebook group very soon.

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