Facebook formalizes its connected glasses Ray-Ban Stories

Long promised by Facebook, these new connected glasses designed by Facebook and Ray-Ban will carry a 5 MP dual camera.

At a time when stories punctuate our lives on social networks, Facebook intends to stand out with its new wearable: the Ray-Ban Stories. Designed in partnership with the American eyewear manufacturer Ray-Ban and the lens manufacturer Essilor Luxottica, these connected glasses had long been announced by the web giant, no doubt eager to compete with Snapchat shows at the time.

If many expected a portable augmented reality device, its expectations will undoubtedly have to be lowered. Facebook had already admitted it half-heartedly, his goal with his Ray-Ban Stories was not really to bring Internet users into the AR era, but rather to offer them the means to capture all the highlights of his life from his own point of view. To achieve this, Mark Zuckerberg’s platform has also put all the chances on its side, by integrating into its Stories a double photo sensor capable of taking pictures at 5 Mpx, but also videos up to 30 seconds. The device can be triggered via the record button located on the mount, or via voice commands from the Facebook assistant.

Facebook Ray-Ban Stories connected glasses product shoot
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Designed for Facebook and Instagram, but not only

During its official presentation, the firm of Mark Zuckerberg obviously wanted to play the all-in-one card. If Facebook’s connected glasses will obviously be optimized to create content on the various social networks of the Zuckerberg empire, GAFAM has also confirmed that they will be compatible with the competition, and in particular TikTok, Snapchat or Twitter. A way for Facebook not to lock its Stories into its own ecosystem.

Imagined as a multi-use connected device, the speakers integrated into the glasses will also allow you to make audio and video calls. However, it is not known whether it will be possible to listen to music, like the Bose Frames released in 2019. The brand finally promises three days of autonomy thanks to a charging case.

What about privacy?

Unsurprisingly, it is around privacy that Facebook continued its presentation. In addition to promising the total absence of advertising, the company reassured its users on the thorny issue of confidentiality. Thereby, a switch will physically block the cameras, thus avoiding disappointments. It will also not be possible to capture images without the knowledge of the interlocutor, an LED light on the mount serving as an indicator light in case of recording.

Pricing and availability

Announced yesterday, Facebook’s Ray-Ban Stories eyewear will be available from 299$, and available in over 20 different color combinations. It will also be possible to personalize the wearable with clear, solar, transitional and even corrective lenses. Unsurprisingly, the United States will be the first to benefit, followed by Australia, Canada, Ireland, Italy and the United Kingdom. In France, no information has yet been given.

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