Google brings audio and video calls to its Gmail app

Gmail will become Google’s all-rounder.

Google will very soon be rebuilding its iOS and Android application for its email service: Gmail. The application should diversify and welcome new features, borrowed from Meet in particular. The major point of this update should be the arrival of video and audio calls within the Google application. The Menlo Park firm thus plans to mix the functionality of Google Meet with that of Gmail to provide users with an application that meets all possible uses.

These innovations promised by Google should arrive now for people using the “enterprise” version of the app, so individual users will have to wait for a later update. For the moment the arrival of these features does not condemn the Google Meet application, which according to information from The Verge should still be present on the stores in the coming weeks. But this grouping of features could well be the beginning of the end for the application made popular by the lockdowns and the democratization of teleworking.

Make Gmail more than a mailbox

Google’s goal with Gmail is clear : make the application a central meeting point with users who would then direct them to the service they are looking for. This use of electronic messaging for “command pole” purposes is not a first, Microsoft recently did the same with Outlook in order to relaunch its electronic messaging service, which had been in decline for several years.

In order to keep the most users for the longest time on its service, it makes sense that Google (and Microsoft) choose to group their services with its own in the same application. If the latter manages to keep the simplicity that is today, it could become a formidable weapon of Google in the perpetual search for our attention.

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