How Shazam fits into Apple Music

Shazam is a very powerful tool for musical detection and discovery. With only a sound fragment detected through the microphone of a mobile phone or other device, it is able to recognize tracks present in its database, with just a few seconds of work and with a low margin of error.

Under the domination of Apple in recent years, some changes have occurred in the app and the service in general, but maintaining its essence. Now, an interesting integration with Apple Music offers a new avenue of musical discovery.

Discover mixes, mashups and special versions of songs

This is what the new feature of Apple Music, with Shazam technology built in. Before, in 2016, a similar experiment was carried out by the music service of the bitten apple, but in the hands of another provider.

Now, with that identification technology itself, this platform is able to indicate, along with the name of a song, from which festival a certain mix belongs, which DJ created it and what other detected sound samples (samples) are involved there. DJ mixes appear as a separate category within Apple Music. According to the company says, the engagement has tripled in the last year, with more than 300 million streams of DJ mixes recorded so far.

Apple Music has a catalog of approximately 75 million songs.

It will be interesting to see in practice how this new feature can help you discover new music or new versions of well-known songs, especially with electronic and contemporary pop, where mixes and reversions of the songs of the moment abound.

Apart from how interesting this tool can be, especially for musical explorations that users of this service could enjoy, its main objective is something deeper. Thanks to this detection system, it is possible to properly identify and compensate all the individual creators involved in creating a DJ mix.

“Apple Music is the first platform to offer continuous mixes where there is a fair fee for the artists whose tracks are included in the mixes and for the artist who mixes them. It is a step in the right direction where everyone is treated fairly »Belgian DJ Charlotte de Witte commented in an Apple statement replicated by Billboard. “I am beyond excited to have the opportunity to offer mixes online again”.

Just as music streaming platforms have democratized access to the distribution of musical releases for musical projects of any category, from independent and self-managed, to the great ones in the industry; With this new initiative, this space is now being extended to musical mixing, creating a legal way for all those involved to take their corresponding part in this.

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