IRobot presents the Roomba j7+ robot vacuum capable of recognizing and avoiding animal waste

A iRobot Over the past two decades, it has established itself as the benchmark in cleaning and automation solutions for the home. It did so, with excellence, pioneering spirit and dedication with its robot vacuums, known globally as Roomba.

The latest generation is now presented by the North American company consisting of the Roomba j7+. The highlight? This robot vacuum is able to recognize the most diverse obstacles, including the “gifts” of the pet, for example.

iRobot’s Roomba j7+ Vacuum Cleaner Recognizes Obstacles and Avoids Hazards

Roomba j7+ vacuum cleaner from iRobot

The main selling point for this new robot vacuum is its intelligence. Something that can make the difference between getting caught in the cables, or spreading waste around the house. To avoid such situations, iRobot has made the new robot even smarter.

We have, in effect, the system iRobot Genius 3.0 that delivers new levels of intelligence, personalization and control for new and existing customers. It is the greatest asset of the new generation and promises to make a difference in the user’s daily life.

For iRobot, robots should clean your house exactly as you want. To do this, they must understand their specific instructions and their unique preferences. Thus, the manufacturer now presents Roomba j7 + robot vacuum cleaner.

iRobot Genius 3.0 is available across the iRobot robot portfolio

The new robot vacuum was created to integrate into the home. In fact, the iRobot Roomba j7+ wants to be the smart and collaborative cleaning partner that delivers superior cleaning performance on every task.

For this, it has the iRobot Genius 3.0 and the navigation system PrecisionVision which allows the Roomba j7 + to become more and more intelligent as it is used.

In practice, the robot learns the best way to navigate its floors, remembering specific rooms and furniture in order to clean where it is most needed.

Furthermore, the robot can also start cleaning automatically when the user leaves the house and stop when he returns if he is still in a cleaning cycle.

No more “accidents” with pet waste


It’s also important to emphasize that the Roomba j7+ understands cleaning preferences, learning its cleaning rules, asking for and responding to comments and remembering how to react in the future.

This new robot vacuum up recognizes and prevents wires and pet waste, giving you the peace of mind of knowing that cleaning will be completed.

In effect, protected by the Pet Owner’s Official Promise (POOP), iRobot is committed to replacing any Roomba j7+ that has an “accident” that does not prevent the “solid oversights” of pets.

iRobot Genius 3.0 Home Intelligence: the trump card for all intelligent robots

The company made it known that this trump card is now available across the entire portfolio of vacuum and mop robots. In practice, iRobot Genius allows you to create custom cleaning routines with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence.

On the other hand, the latest digital features included in iRobot Genius 3.0 that are also compatible with Roomba j7+ which include:

1. Clean while I’m away from home – Robots work according to the user’s schedule. Using the location services of a phone, users can now create a border around their home. In this way, the respective smartphone triggers the robot to start (and stop) cleaning automatically when the phone leaves or returns to that border.

2. Guidance on smart maps and room name suggestions – The robot will help guide customers through their initial integration and subsequent cleanup tasks to customize the smart map. Thus, ensuring you are optimized to navigate smart and efficiently in your home.

3. Estimated Cleaning Time – We can see how long a cleanup task will take with the new cleanup time estimates. This is available for robots with iRobot Imprint Smart Mapping.

4. Silent mode – If you need to clean a specific area, but with a little silence, just tell your robot to reduce the noise level as you make your way to and from cleaning tasks. Silent mode will turn off the vacuum components when the robot is not in its active cleaning process.

We now have a new robot vacuum, the Roomba j7+

The new Roomba j7+ robot excels at identifying obstacles and avoiding hazards. It does it thanks to the iRobot Genius system. Indeed, the Roomba j7+ doesn’t just learn the shape of the house, it can react in real time with the PrecisionVision navigation system.

In practice, providing the ability to detect and avoid common obstacles such as cables and pet waste. For example, if we drop a charger cord on the living room floor, the Roomba j7+ vacuum will see and avoid it.

Roomba aspirator

Likewise, and your new dog left a “surprise” in the hallway, Roomba j7+ will detect it and work around it. This is due to the ability to identify and anticipate walls and furniture.

At the same time, it is also able to slow down the approach speed to provide a gentle cleaning around objects and along the baseboards.

The robot vacuum is smarter and can react immediately

iRobot Roomba J7

Thanks also to Imprint Smart Maps, Roomba j7+ can understand the floor plan of a house. Thus, giving users the control to choose which rooms will be cleaned through the iRobot Home app

This control can also be done through a voice device such as Google Assistant, or Amazon’s Alexa. Maid further, with continuous software updates “over-the-air” PrecisionVision Navigation will also get smarter over time.

Thereby, allowing Roomba j7+ to identify even more obstacles and unlock new cleaning experiences.

Pricing and Availability of the new Roomba J7+ Vacuum Cleaner

Roomba Aspirator

The Roomba j7+ robotic vacuum cleaner with Clean Base Automatic Dirt Discharge is available for immediate purchase in Portugal, starting today. Its recommended retail price is €999.

Finally, can be purchased via this link., or in the main national specialized retailers. The Roomba j7 without the Clean Base is available with a PVPr of €749.99.

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