LEGO and Super Mario unveil the new set featuring the “Block?”

It’s a set that celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Super Mario 64 game, originally released in 1996 in Japan.

This year being the year of all birthdays, Super Mario 64 is no exception to the rule and announces a collaboration with LEGO to mark the occasion. Indeed, the toy brand has just announced an ultimate set of colored bricks that should bring the most nostalgic among you straight back to childhood. This is a set bearing the image of the famous Bloc? and this one contains, as in the games, some small surprises.

So no gold coins or power-ups for LEGO fans, but a dozen minifigures in honor of iconic characters and three environments that will make you want to dive back into the levels of the game. We recognize for example the princess Peach and her faithful lover Mario, as well as the castle of the young lady, the Laves Fatales, the mountain Gla-Gla or the battle of Bob-omb.

Obviously, like every LEGO set, the whole thing is to build yourself and given the piece (2,064 pieces in total), you could spend a couple of hours on it. That said, it will make a great gift for any fan of Mario and his merchandise. In addition, the LEGO site is already full of an impressive collection of sets and mini-sets featuring the plumber and the many characters who inhabit his world.

Pricing and availability

This unique set will be available for sale on the lego site and in LEGO stores from 1is next October at a price of € 169.99. Then, in 2022, it will be available for sale in stores and on reseller sites at the same recommended price.

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