Liability insurance: Type classes change with every fourth model

The owners of around eleven million cars in Germany must expect a change in the type class in their motor vehicle liability insurance. Compared to the previous year, more than seven million cars are now in a higher class. Owners of around 4.3 million cars can benefit from a lower rating. The class change can lead to changes in insurance premiums as one of several factors.

With partial comprehensive insurance, around two thirds (around 64 percent) of the cars remain in the same class. Around four percent (around 490,000 cars) come in a higher. The owners of around a third (32 percent) and thus around 4.1 million cars can benefit from lower classes.

Type class is only one part of many

With fully comprehensive insurance, more than half (around 57 percent) stay in the same class. Around 40 percent (around 9.5 million) of the cars can be found in lower levels. Around 660,000 cars (around three percent) are rated higher.

The change in the non-binding type class does not automatically lead to higher or lower insurance premiums. It is just one of many features that make up an insurance premium. The GDV has a topic page on the insurance classes available online. It is also possible to query the type class of more than 32,000 vehicles. (dpa / swi)

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