Microsoft acquired Clipchamp, a tool to edit videos from the web

Microsoft acquired Clipchamp, a video creation and editing platform that operates through a browser.

With features primarily intended for those who are not professionally involved in audiovisual production, this service could become the successor to Movie Maker.

A modern successor to the discontinued Windows video editor

Microsoft Movie Maker was the solution offered by Microsoft for the generation of audiovisual material in an easy way, without depending on advanced technical skills. Following the end of its support in 2017, once the app was discontinued, it was not assigned a successor.

The rendering of the clips generated from Clipchamp, which can range from simple memes to complete videos, adapted to the formats of the main social networks, is done using the computer’s GPU, complementing the work that the service performs from its servers. “As a web application that uses the full power of your PC, Clipchamp is a natural fit for extending cloud-based productivity experiences in Microsoft 365 for individuals, families, schools, and businesses.”, pointed out from Microsoft.

Outside of being integrated as one more platform in Microsoft’s family of digital services, Clipchamp could even reach Windows 11. Out of all speculation, Chris Pratley, corporate vice president of Microsoft’s Office media group, commented that this software “It’s a great option for Microsoft Windows.”

Reporting the acquisition of Clipchamp by Microsoft, the CEO of the app, Alexander Dreilling, commented that “Startup founders go through different stages, from incorporating a business, to hiring the first employees, raising several rounds of funding, and finally trying to exit through an acquisition or going public. And while an exit event is the end of a beginning journey, it is also the beginning of a new journey. In our case that will be a trip under a Microsoft umbrella “.

The company that was once led by Bill Gates, is focusing its efforts on the service sector. Satya Nadella, its CEO, commented on more than one past occasion that this approach is a long-term project.

This acquisition seems to be along that line, since Clipchamp’s proposal focuses on providing help to “Non-professional and non-creative, or just the other 98% of us”, in the words of the same Australian company. “Within Microsoft, we can approach leveraging our opportunity in completely new ways.”, They added in the statement that notified this acquisition.

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