Microsoft acquires tutoring platform to strengthen Teams in education

With the rise of distance education, especially as a result of the current pandemic that continues to hit us, Microsoft continues to work so that the educational community has everything they need for their activities on a single platform instead of resorting to platforms from the competition, such as Google Classroom, and specific web tools to meet other needs.

In this sense, Microsoft is acquiring TakeLessons, a platform specialized in connecting students and professions for tutorials in a series of specific educational areas, including music, mathematics, computing or languages, among others.

The interesting thing about this platform is that allows you to book appointments to carry out tutoring sessions both on the web and in person, with the possibility of also conducting group tutorials online.

For now, the terms of the agreement are unknown, and for the time being TakeLessons will continue to operate independently, although they intend to bring their platform to a broader global audience, as indicated on their website.

As they point out in TechCrunch, from Microsoft they intend to bring as many functions as possible to Microsoft Teams aimed at the educational field, so since the beginning of the year it has been making another series of acquisitions in this regard.

In the background, Microsoft wants to offer from Teams a pack aimed at the educational field in which all the benefits that the educational community may need are offered, offering price plans that may be attractive.

With this specific acquisition, Microsoft prepares to compete with platforms such as Brainly and GoStuden, among others, being able to start from the benefits that are already offered from TakeLessons, so it is likely that little by little, they will be integrated as one more Microsoft Teams offer focused on the educational field.

Microsoft will consider that The education sector will continue to bet on the use of online platforms, seeing here an important business model, not only aimed at education focused on the youngest, but also education towards those professionals who wish to update their skills or acquire others.

It will be a matter of waiting to see when Microsoft Teams transfers the capabilities available in TakeLessons.

More information: FAQ de TakeLessons

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