Microsoft Teams adds AI-powered features to power business meetings

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams continues to add features designed for those users who have to adapt to a hybrid workspace model.

The Microsoft team announced a number of AI-powered features and more integrations to improve business meeting dynamics.

New Microsoft Teams features for virtual meetings

One of the functions to be added to Microsoft Teams It is called Cameo, and it aims to improve the dynamics of PowerPoint presentations. This feature will allow the presenter to choose how and where they want the slides to appear. A tool that will be available from 2022.

On the other hand, an artificial intelligence-driven function will also be added that will help the speakers in their dissertation. This function, called Speaker coach, shares a series of tips privately with the speaker to improve the way he expresses himself, for example, if he must control the pace of his speech.

In this way, the speaker will have extra help that will tell him in real time how to improve his presentation. This feature will also be available from next year. And this won’t be the only AI-powered option to help improve presentations in virtual meetings.

Teams will also have smart camera support to use AI for active speaker tracking and person recognition to identify meeting participants. And a final function dedicated to improving business meetings has to do with “automatic lighting corrections” so that closed environments with little light are not a problem when we present ourselves on video.

And an option that may excite some is the possibility that Microsoft Teams will offer to have group work meetings while we are in the car, thanks to the integration with Apple Carplay. Of course, this feature will not have video support, it will only be limited to hands-free voice calls.

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