Mijia Qingyu – Xiaomi presents a particularly light cordless vacuum cleaner

Xiaomi has presented a new, particularly light cordless vacuum cleaner. The Mijia Qingyu is said to weigh only 1.2 kg.

Mijia Qingyu – lightweight with 21.00 Pascal suction power

At the moment, I can report regularly about new cordless vacuum cleaners, because as with the vacuum robots, we still have a strong growth market here, in which many manufacturers want to play. This is also the case with the Chinese company Xiaomi, which is already represented in the cordless vacuum cleaner market with its own devices and subsidiary brands.

A brand new model is now called Mijia Qingyu, in which the low weight is particularly emphasized in the media. 1.2 kg are also really light, but this information only refers to the main body without tube and attachment.


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At first glance, the Mijia Qingyu reminds me a lot of the Shunzao L1, which is also part of the Xiaomi ecosystem. The suction power is decent with the specified 21,000 Pascal, but there are also models with more suction power on the market. As the experience from my previous tests shows, the specified suction power is not necessarily a guarantee for good or bad cleaning results.

The battery of the new Xiaomi cordless vacuum cleaner should last up to 45 minutes, depending on the suction level set. The three suction levels are also shown on the LCD display along with the remaining battery. In addition, the Qingyu also has an automatic suction level control, depending on how dirty the floor is.

Image: Xiaomi

In China, the Mijia Qingyu cost the equivalent of around 170 euros. At the moment I cannot say what the planning for a market launch in Germany looks like. As soon as there is news about this, I will of course share it with you!

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