Mobilarena Magazine has been running on YouTube for almost a year

50 episodes have gone down so far with a variety of topics, with more and more comments and views.


Mobilarena Magazine went out on October 1 last year first transmission the page YouTube channel combined with resuscitation. Since then, there has been new content every week, the broadcast consists of 20-30 minute episodes, where we typically work on some more general topic or reflect on some current event. There was no particular concept at first, and then the show changed quite slowly, so that we don’t wander between the topics in bulk, but wrap something to say around a theme, quite often in an educational way.

The initial one or two thousand views have now swelled to an average of 4-5 thousand views, with certain themes and episodes generating much more reach than this, the absolute peak being ordered from Hauwei m40 (above) with more than 100,000 views, but we are very pleased that materials published really exclusively as zaned overview.

As the number of viewers and subscribers (45k +) grew, so did the number of posts, and it was a special pleasure for us to receive typically meaningful, relevant, relevant and often explicitly thought-out comments, which makes us happy because the signs according to him, we really reach the target group we want. It was also an interesting experience that when it was possible to participate in domestic press events in person again, it turned out that a lot of professionals follow the channel, I heard back from people from different manufacturers and industry players that they saw this or that broadcast.

It also follows from the above that, in the end, this initiative has achieved the minimum goal we initially set: to create primarily professional content, which does not necessarily have the main goal of becoming mainstream, but can be said in much more and more informally than we are able to write. to be handed over, there is no sponsored content in it, we also place the ads in such a way that there are no videos that can be skipped in the first week, from the second week we only place a skippable ad at the beginning and end of the material. Money doesn’t flow, but that wasn’t the goal with it.

If you didn’t know we had one before (either), or you knew about it, but you forgot, then I recommend ourselves also on YouTube, topic suggestions, ideas can come, although these are constantly poured on us by commentators during the videos as well.

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