Playstation: Sony buys Firesprite studio

The studio was founded by former employees of the former Sony studio in Liverpool.

This Wednesday, September 8, Sony formalized the acquisition of the studio Firesprite, which is now part of the growing family of PlayStation Studios. If this name is unknown to you, you may be familiar with its gaming franchises The Playroom, The Persistence or his work in the field of VR games. But what makes this studio very special is not so much its games but its origins.

Indeed, Firesprite was founded in 2012 by former Sony employees, after the famous studio of SIE Studio Liverpool closed the same year. Firesprite therefore has a large number of former PlayStation employees among its ranks, the majority of whom had worked on licenses such as WipEout or Formula 1. In this sense, this acquisition, the details of which we do not know, signals a moving reunion between Sony and the developers of Firesprite, Hermen Hulst, the head of PlayStation Studios said:

« What I really like is that Firesprite has grown a lot. It is now a large studio of over 250 people. They really established an entrepreneurial spirit as an independent team. They have a very experimental approach to development. I think the combination of this heritage and entrepreneurial spirit provides a great basis for our collaboration on the few great exclusive game projects that we are working on together. »

Graeme Ankers, who is the Managing Director of Firesprite, said: “ As an in-house studio, we know we have all of PlayStation’s support to continue our legacy, continuing to blend creativity and technical innovation to deliver truly unique experiences for PlayStation fans. »

Is Sony trying to catch up with Microsoft?

With this third acquisition in just a few months – after Nixxes Software and Housemarque – PlayStation Studios now have 14 entities working in the service of PlayStation and its upcoming exclusives. This means Sony is two studios away from overtaking Xbox Game Studios, of which there are currently 15.

Knowing that its first-party studios are one of the characteristics that define the important hold of Microsoft in the video game industry, it seems that Sony is largely inspired by the strategy of its competitor to beat it in its own field. It remains to be seen what are the projects of the two manufacturers and publishers who will soon be neck and neck in the mad rush for acquisitions.

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