Small ranking: These new Hue releases are the most popular

This week Philips Hue presented its new products, some of which can already be ordered and will be delivered immediately or by the end of the month. I am already very excited about the new Gradient products, even if they are of course quite a number in terms of price. But which new release is actually best received?

That’s exactly what I have together with tried to find out. We rummaged through the statistics and listed the bestsellers of the past few days. We have sorted the ranking according to the number of units ordered.

  1. White Ambiance Filament E27 (to the shop)
  2. White Filament E14 (to the shop)
  3. Ambiance Gradient Lightstrip (to the shop)
  4. Signe floor lamp (to the shop)
  5. White and Color Ambiance E27 1.100lm (to the shop)
  6. Signe table lamp (to the shop)
  7. Surimu light panel (to the shop)
  8. Xamento recessed spot (to the shop)
  9. White Ambiance E27 1.100lm (to the shop)
  10. Centura recessed spot (to the shop)

So it is not entirely surprising that the cheap filament lamps are here in front of the new Ambiance Gradient Lightstrip. After all, this is anything but cheap with its 150 euros. In terms of sales, the filament lamps and the new light strip are on par.

I still have some good news for you at this point. After taking a detailed look at the new White Ambiance Filament lamps today, I can already announce that I will also take a look at all other new releases for you.

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