the electricians are still in the lead

Japan is making a very strong bet with fuel cell electric vehicles of hydrogen, a great alternative to combustion models and just as clean as pure electric ones.

But although Japanese manufacturers are investing in making cars with this engine, they are the least populars among the different options on the market both within and out of the country and it is that from November 2014 to February 2021 only 11,000 units of the Toyota Mirai have been sold.

A motorization with many obstacles: expensive price and production


The strategy carried out by the Japanese country is a comprehensive action plan published by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in March 2019 where it establishes that there will have to be 800,000 fuel cell vehicles of hydrogen on its roads and also a national supply network with 900 hydrogenerators and the commercialization of hydrogen power plants by 2030.

The plan also includes that private Japanese companies – from car manufacturers to producers of industrial gas – will have to join forces to build hydrogen production plants both inside and outside Japan.

Although it is not the only country that is committed to hydrogen, since many countries are betting on it in their factoriesis probably the one doing one of the biggest efforts to develop fuel cell vehicles.

In Spain, for example, in the month of August not sold not a single hydrogen car and so far this year only five have been marketed with this engine model, according to data from Anfac.

The offer of this type of models is also scarce, production is expensive and refueling is not economical either, added to the lack of hydrogenerators in the countries is a problem when choosing a vehicle with these characteristics.

Asia 2021

Throughout the world there are 560 hydrogen, the majority in Japan, where there are more than 142 stations, and South Korea, with 60. In Spain there are only, to date, four hydrogenerators throughout the country and within Europe, the country that is most committed to this model is Germany, with more than 60.

This year, 29 new hydropower plants have been inaugurated in Europe, 72 in Asia and 6 in North America, according to data from

Japan’s commitment to this type of motorization may be promising once the obstacles that arise are removed, but it may be a path to nowhere if they cannot overcome.

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