This is how many colors the new Gradient products from Philips Hue can display

Already at the weekend I told you how to do it the new gradient products in the Hue app will be able to control. One question, however, is still unanswered: How many colors will you be able to set for the new products? I want to explain exactly to you today.

We already know about the segments from the Philips Hue Play Gradient Lightstrip, which came onto the market last year. In entertainment mode, for example in conjunction with the Hue Sync App or the HDMI Sync Box, it can display seven different colors.

With one of the upcoming updates for the Hue app, you will be able to use the gradient function manually. According to information from Philips Hue, you should be able to freely choose five colors with the Play Gradient Lightstrip. Even more are displayed because the light strip automatically creates a color gradient between two manually selected colors.

Here is a brief overview of the various gradient products:

  • Play Gradient Lightstrip: 7 colors in entertainment and 5 colors in ambiance
  • Ambiance Gradient Lightstrip: 3 colors in entertainment and 5 colors in ambiance
  • Play Gradient Light Tube: 3 colors in entertainment and 3 colors in ambiance
  • Gradient Signe table lamp: 2 colors in entertainment and 5 colors in ambiance
  • Gradient Signe floor lamp: 3 colors in entertainment and 5 colors in ambiance

The number of segments is particularly interesting for the new Philips Hue Ambiance Gradient Lightstrip, which was launched last week for 149.99 euros can be ordered. After all, you can not only extend this up to ten meters, but also shorten all around 12 centimeters. However, this has no effect on the number of colors that can be displayed and set.

What is also exciting: Philips Hue can set the number of segments for the entertainment and ambiance mode. It is therefore quite conceivable that something will change in the future in the figures given above. We are curious to see what possibilities there will be in third-party apps.

Anyone who thinks a little around the corner has also noticed: All of the new Gradient products can be used in entertainment mode – and thus complement the previous Play Gradient Lightstrip. So it would actually be conceivable to use the Ambiance Gradient Lightstrip or a Play Gradient Light Tube for the bottom of the television.

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