Twitter begins testing tags to identify bot accounts

Twitter is testing a new feature that will identify bot accounts.

As the Twitter team had announced a few months ago, this initiative will provide more context and allow users to clearly identify automated accounts.

Twitter tests a tagging feature for bot accounts

It is already common to see thousands of bot accounts in Twitter that fulfill different functions, some relevant, since they offer important information to users, and others, that entertain with curiosities.

So you will see that there are bots that range from reporting the weather conditions or the news to showing the news that is added to Netflix. However, it is not always clear to users when accounts are automated or user-managed.

Twitter had already asked the developers to indicate in these types of accounts that they were bots and give more context by adding additional data, for example, who manages the account or what it is about. However, this implies that developers fill in this information manually.

So that this is not a problem, Twitter is testing tags for developers to identify their bot accounts.

When these accounts let you know that they are automated, you better understand their purpose when you interact with them. […] When accounts send automated Tweets to share relevant information about another account’s content, automated tags help you identify good bots from spammers and are all about transparency.

Of course, this will not be an option for those bots dedicated to scam people, sharing spam, fake news or any dishonest purpose.

At the moment, this tagging system is being tested with a group of more than 500 developers to evaluate the dynamics and give feedback to Twitter. As these tests turn out, the implementation of the tags for bot accounts will be rolled out to other developers in the future.

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