Where to get grants and aid for freelancers

According to the studies, each year about 15,000 announcements and calls are presented by organizations prepared to help the self-employed. Nevertheless, the tedious amount of requirements, misinformation and all the strenuous protocol, make it no easy task go to such aid.

For this reason, below we have the list of those official websites (with their link included) in which you can support yourself to continue taking your activity forward, thanks to the support from regional or provincial institutions, like the ones you will see here.

Help portals for freelancers in Spain

Before breaking down the list of websites, it should be noted that this search and application process can be done by yourself. Thus, thanks to the release of European funds for sustainability and business digitization, these are 6 of the main public options to obtain grants.

National System of Publicity of Subsidies and Public Aid of the Ministry of Finance: This is one of the largest and most complete options today. Since 2016, it has provided more than 300,000 calls, and still continues to open aid according to the administration required by the autonomous (municipal, provincial, autonomous or state). By entering data such as the size of the business and the type of support, you can receive aid such as the purpose of the expense, or resort to loans and grants.

Official Credit Institute (ICO): here there is a National or International ICO line, and in both you can resort to requests for social bonds or guarantees, either to create sustainable projects, or also for digital projects.

Ipyme: this alternative has Entrepreneur Service Points (PAE), which, in a summarized way, allows access to the map to see where the nearest help is located. Inside it will also show the latest available calls.

Spanish Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs (CEAJE): another website specialized in help for entrepreneurs, in this case, focused on young people. On its platform we have calls that can be public or private. Likewise, it is allowed to fill out a form for the Confederation to establish the type of aid adapted to the situation.

Chamber of CommerceIf it is about freedom of broad aid, then the Chamber of Commerce can be a great ally. In its portal, the self-employed or entrepreneur can get a subsidy based on the type of project required: start the activity, renew the business model, train employees and even take the company out of the country.

State Public Employment Service (SEPE): if you are the owner of an SME or you started a business and have workers under your charge, you can use this option. Although its main objective is to serve for salaried employees, here you can find the necessary information for a new hire of your staff.

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