why you should follow the Keynote even if you do not intend to change iPhone

Apple should take advantage of the event to launch the final version of iOS 15, the new version of the iPhone operating system.

Get ready to hear about the Apple brand over the next few days. Apple has just announced its traditional back-to-school event, which will be held this Tuesday September 14 from 7 p.m. in our regions. During this California Streaming, the firm should take the opportunity to lift the veil on its new flagship, l’iPhone 13, but also on his new Apple Watch and maybe a big surprise.

And for those who have not planned to change iPhone this year, the event will still be of interest since it will mark the official launch of iOS 15, the new version of the operating system of the iPhone. ‘iPhone. If the iPhone 13 will benefit from it from the start, iOS 15 will also be offered on previous iPhone models for free. Even the iPhone 6S, launched almost six years ago, will have the right to it!

Credit: Apple

To prepare for this launch, Apple has therefore started to promote its new OS to iPhone users, via a notification leading to the Tips application. The firm announces the new features to come on iOS 15, including its new Focus Mode, its improvements on the iMessage side or its new notification system.

To discover all the new features of iOS 15, we invite you to go to the Tips application on your iPhone via the notification that should be sent to you or simply on our article detailing the new mobile operating system following its presentation during WWDC in June. Note that all new features may not be available at launch.

Credit: Apple

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