Xamento and Centura: A look at two new recessed spots

who with the new releasesthat Philips Hue introduced a week ago, has taken a closer look, and you may have already discovered it: There are two new built-in spots that are actually not that new. The White and Color Ambiance recessed spot Centura is now also available in a black design and with the Philips Hue Xamento there is even a completely new name. However, the built-in spot is not that new at all, it is basically a Philips Hue Adore with a colored light source.

Please do not expect a detailed review with all the details and real impressions at this point. The reason is easy to explain: Neither here in the office nor at home is there a ceiling in which I could install the recessed spotlights. Nevertheless, I would like to show you in this article what you can expect in the box.

Centura and Xamento have the same basic construction

The basic construction of Centura and Xamento is identical, both have a White and Color Ambiance GU10 spot and the identical socket. The hole diameter should be 70 millimeters, with a little bit of air upwards or outwards. The installation depth is specified by the manufacturer as 10 centimeters, a few millimeters less are theoretically sufficient here.

The Centura recessed spot can be tilted in several stages with a firm pressure. the xamento only shines directly downwards. In return, the latter is protected from splash water by a small protective cover in accordance with IP44 and can also be used in the bathroom. Unfortunately, despite the metal look, this protective device is only made of plastic.

The pricing is interesting. It’s no surprise that you pay a really high price. At least within the Hue universe, you have to put that into perspective: a single GU10 spot costs 59.99 euros according to the recommended retail price. The Centura spot costs 64.99 euros directly from the manufacturer, so the surcharge for the installation technology is quite humane. I don’t understand why the new Xamento recessed spot costs 74.99 euros. Since a recessed spot rarely comes alone, Philips Hue also offers sets of 3, which offer a small price advantage. You can also find these and the other new releases at

Philips Hue Xamento recessed spot

74,99 EUR

Philips Hue Centura recessed spot

64,99 EUR

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