a large electric SUV that should arrive in 2024

Hyundai has taken advantage of the Munich Hall to reveal some details about its electrification strategy for the coming years and to reaffirm its objectives: to be a completely electric brand in Europe by 2035, and in 2040 for the rest of the markets.

In addition, the South Korean brand has recently shared in one of its official accounts an image that is a declaration of intentions, since together with the Ioniq 5 and to the concept Prophecy EV, the powerful silhouette of a large SUV appears: the future Ioniq 7.

First data of the Hyundai Ioniq 7

In the nomenclature of electric vehicles in Hyundai’s Ioniq range, sedans are accompanied by even numbers while SUVs carry odd numbers. Also, as the brand has revealed, the design of all Ioniq will revolve around “timeless value”. To do this, they will be inspired by the models of the past but creating bridges to the future.

Thus, after the Ioniq 5, in 2022 Hyundai will launch the IONIQ 6 sedan based on the company’s latest concept: the Prophecy EV, which was presented last March. Then the Ioniq 7, a large SUV planned for 2024 that could seat seven passengers.

Taking into account the design of its predecessors and the tracks we have so far, it is very possible that upon its arrival in production the Ioniq 7 will have a silhouette with flowing lines and a pronounced drop from the back of the roof, but for now they are just guesses. A bulky front and three optical groups are also guessed: one horizontal and the other two, vertical.

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In terms of its structure, we do know that Hyundai’s next large SUV will be developed from the plataforma E-GMP de Hyundai-Kia, a modular and flexible architecture specifically designed for purely electric vehicles.

The Ioniq 7 could host a large capacity battery up to 100 kWh and 800 Volt technology thanks to the new “SK Innovation” energy accumulators and the maximum autonomy is initially estimated to be around 500 kilometers for a single charge.

In addition, the production Hyundai Ioniq 7 is expected to have several versions. One of them could be equipped with two engines (one on the front axle and the other on the rear) and all-wheel drive, whose total maximum power could amount to 230 kW (about 313 hp). In addition, the possibility that this model could be equipped with a induction charging system.

Be that as it may, we will have to wait to find out more official data on Hyundai’s future great SUV, which will be marketed globally, although it is expected with special interest in the markets of the United States, Canada and Mexico.

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