Apple Music uses Shazam to pay DJs

Apple Music is testing a new system to better pay DJs.

Apple Music is now one of the music streaming platforms most popular in the world. With millions of subscribers around the world, it is also one of the main sources of remuneration for artists. But streaming platforms have encountered a problem for several years: how to redistribute the money received on remixes to artists? It was often poorly distributed between the original artist, the label of the mixed tracks and the DJ who did the mixing. It was therefore necessary to find a solution and it would seem that Apple had already had it on hand for three years.

In 2018, the Apple bought Shazam for $ 400 million, the popular song recognition application is a reference and allows you to give the name of a song after a few seconds of listening. Very convenient for everyday users, this application could also solve the problem of DJ mixes for Apple Music.

A new weapon to compete with Spotify

Thanks to Shazam’s advanced song recognition technology, the application is able to find the name of the DJ behind the remix, but also the name of the original song, so that everyone is a winner in the story. .

This new feature of Apple Music could allow the service of Apple to gain some new artists to its catalog, but also to compete better with Spotify, which is not irreproachable on the gratuity left to the penalties. Today, the number 1 music streaming application in the world, the Scandinavian firm may well see its status challenged by Apple, although Spotify is still ahead in certain areas, such as podcasting.

Today poor royalty calculations on streaming platforms would cost DJs and other dance music artists $ 120 million annually, who do not hesitate to remix original tracks, which can have the perverse effect of excluding them. off the negotiating table when it comes to paying the author of the title.

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